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Airbus A350-900

Doha, State of Qatar, Private Client

Business Jet Interior Design

York Design Group is specialized in bringing into reality high-end, customized corporate and VIP projects, with a sharp focus on the sophisticated details and the highest standards for our clients. Throughout our interiors, in every detail, we aim to achieve excellence, whether it is a VIP terminal or a hospitality project. We are entirely committed to the creative process to design bespoke and unique interiors, which fulfill our clientele’s requirements and exceed their design expectations.


To create an FBO interior or VIP private aircraft cabin interior is an exciting design challenge, where each FBO facility or private aircraft is different and each client is unique, therefore each design brief should reflect back individuality, as our clients themselves. Some of our most beautiful work results that were technically challenging FBO interiors, today they represent award-winning interiors that we had the pleasure to work on and feel proud to have been chosen for their realization.

We also pride in our in-depth understanding of aviation interiors and space requirements, using this knowledge to create highly feasible designs able to transcend the limits of possibility to create the exact look you envision for your terminal or aircraft interior.


The strong working relationship ties that we have with other renowned-international design houses and their designers, accompanied by jet fit-out companies specialized in VIP aircraft interior design, we are competent in offering detailed design services, feasibility studies, as well as, full in-house design management.

Whether it is cultural, institutional, commercial or residential buildings, the architectural interior design developed by us, they tailor innovative materials, advanced strategies, sustainable technologies and are guided from the schematic design throughout to the successful completion.


At York Design International we work independently and offer a highly bespoke customized aviation design consultancy.


York Design Offers its expertise in Commercial and Business Aircraft Livery for any kind of request, on any kind of airplane. Our team of designers is here to tailor your aircraft's perfect look for corporate identity, event or product marketing purposes.

Livery Design Process

Work with the customer shall be built-up in the following succession:

The stage of development of the technical specification for the livery design is determined by:
  ·  the aircraft fleet, for which a livery shall be created (adjusted);
  ·  the color specter and the style; the customer shall show to us the priority color specter and the style of the would-be livery or makes it incumbent on us to make a choice; the customer can refer to the existing aircraft liveries, it likes;
  ·  the number of starting variants in the first iteration and the iteration number (according to out long-term practice there are, as a rule, three of them);
  ·, whether the customer wants the evaluation of the design by means of visualization at a computer 3D-model or only a 2D-model, will be used

The livery design stages.

The first iteration shall be conducted at 2D-models, and colorful sketches of the livery painting on paper will be offered for the customer’s consideration.
The objective of the 1st iteration: to discover 1-2 livery variants, satisfying the customer.

The second iteration shall be carried out at 2D/3D-models, and colorful sketches of the livery painting on paper of the previously selected and revised according to the customer’s comments will be offered for the customer’s consideration.
The objective of the 2nd iteration: to choose 1 livery variant.

The first iteration shall be conducted at 2D/3D-models and sketches in the scope agreed by the customer shall be handed over to it for its confirmation. 

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