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Our Services


  • Conceptual and Full Interior Design

  • On-Board Jet Design Consultancy

  1. Material selection

  2. Carpet, upholstery, wood veneer, fixed furniture design, and specifications

  3. Cabin Layout

  4. Wet areas, Bedrooms, Lounge, Dining designs, upgrades, modifications

  5. Galley, Storage Compartments, Bulkheads, Door Designs

  6. Integrated Entertainment Systems design coordination

  • Airport and Hotel Lounges Design Consultancy

  • Guest Experience Design Consultancy

  • FBO Back and Front of House Design

  • Project Development and Project full Documentation

  • Space Planning

  • Lighting Design Consultancy

  • Art Consultancy and Commissioning

  • Outdoor/Indoor Landscape Design

  • Project Tendering

  • Project Supervision, Post- Contract Services

  • Procurement Services

  • QS Services

  • Project Execution

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